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Registration for “Music Hit Factory” is now closed.

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Feedback from our families:

My daughter has been participating with SFCMT for the past two years. With the recent closure of theaters, John’s productions have been perfect for social distancing; they are safe, they don’t require rehearsals with other kids, and recordings are done 1-on-1 in a pro recording studio. Our experience with John Bisceglie has been amazing, he is a phenomenal director/producer, talented, and great with kids. I highly recommend SFCMT.

Since all live performances have been shut down due to Covid, it’s been refreshing to have my daughter continue performing but in a safe and creative way. We have been with SFCMT for the last 5 years and were so excited that they came up with such fun and innovative options for our kids. I highly recommend them to anyone that has a little performer.

With the pandemic still upon us that has restricted our social lives among other things, we are fortunate John continues to have the studio projects that allows kids to continue to do what they enjoy and love to sing, perform, record and film at a professional recording studio safely while following safety protocols.

Our son has been a part of SFCMT since he was seven. He participated in several shows the past two years, and we were always impressed with the SFCMT performances. Since the pandemic started our son was missing the stage experience. When kids could not have in-person performances this summer, we’re thankful that Director John decided to put something together online with his production team. Many thanks to John!

SFCMT is a creative learning environment that is easy, fun and safe. My daughters have been a part of this children musical theater working with Creative Director, John Bisceglie, his staff, and team for several years. It’s been their second home! It has given them the self-confidence and skill sets that have shaped them into the performers, actors, and individuals they are today.