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Morgan Hill Children’s Theater

Are you a Morgan Hill resident looking for a Parks and Recreation program that includes children’s theatre? Look no further! Since 1985, Gilroy Children’s Musical Theater (GCMT) has continued to offer high quality performing arts to young people ages 5 to 21 in Gilroy and surrounding areas, including Morgan Hill. Children’s musical theatre is a wonderful way for children, teens and young adults to make new friends while learning self discipline and gaining confidence. Whether your child dreams of becoming a star, or just enjoys singing and dancing with friends, Gilroy Children’s Musical Theatre invites all Morgan Hill children to experience the magic that musical theatre has to offer. The convenient Saturday only rehearsals make it easy for busy Morgan Hill families to commit to the 10 week program. In addition, the short distance and easy access from Morgan Hill to Gilroy, makes Gilroy Children’s Musical Theater the first choice for many Morgan Hill parents looking for a fun, safe and professional theatre company. Audience members are always amazed at the glitzy costumes, spectacular sets, unique choreography and overall top-notch productions of GCMT. We look forward to meeting new Morgan Hill families and encourage you to Join our email list today! We look forward to keeping you informed about our upcoming auditions and productions!