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San Jose Children’s Theater

San Jose children ages 5-21 are welcome to join GCMT! Gilroy Children’s Musical Theater believes that every child deserves a chance to be a star and gives each of them a place to shine on stage. Since 1985, GCMT has been dedicated to offering high quality musical theatre to young people of all ages in Gilroy and surrounding areas, including San Jose. Children’s Musical Theater has been known to boost self esteem while giving kids motivation to try their best and work as a team. San Jose parents and kids won’t be disappointed with Gilroy Children’s Musical Theater’s top-notch productions as they feature glamorous costumes, spectacular sets, and amazing choreography. Whether SJ children wish to pursue a career in musical theater or just enjoy singing and dancing with friends, GCMT gives them the opportunity to explore their natural talents and abilities, while learning lifelong skills. With no weekday commute, San Jose families will find the Saturday only rehearsals of the 10 week program to be convenient and manageable with their busy schedules. We at Gilroy Children’s Musical Theater are always happy to meet new San Jose children and welcome you to our exciting program. Join our email list today! We look forward to keeping you informed about our upcoming auditions and productions for San Jose children of all ages!