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Alumni And Parent Feedback

My kids have participated in John Bisceglie’s children’s productions over the last four years and I can’t say enough about what a great experience it has been for our entire family. The kids always have fun and have made so many friends while in his shows. Their participation has really helped boost their self confidence and they’ve learned so much about musical theatre. Plus, thanks to these shows, they know songs from all different eras that most kids aren’t familiar with. When our friends and family come to see the kids perform, they are always impressed with the quality of the productions and want to see more. Believe me…these shows are awesome!

John Bisceglie’s productions open kid’s eyes to a professionalism in a FUN environment! After twelve years of working with John, I am now in my second year majoring in Musical Theatre at Cal State Fullerton, which is all thanks to the inspiration, confidence, wisdom, and experience I have gained through performing in John’s shows! This opportunity should not be missed. The feeling of stardom, pride and achievement that is felt behind the curtains at the start of a Bisceglie show is AMAZING!

I became involved with John Bisceglie Productions when I was 7 years old. Now 25, married, and a mom, I still help out when I can. Working with John was one of the best experiences of my life. Theater helps kids gain confidence. John works with the kids teaching them singing, dancing, and acting skills that they can use throughout life. Investing your time and money into this program will not be a waste. You, and your kids, will be thankful you did. I encourage you to get involved!

My son has been performing in John Bisceglie’s shows since he was 5, now he is 17 and still performing. Not only has my son been involved in John’s shows his dad and I have been assisting John for the past 12 years. John is a very talented director. The costumes, sets, lights are truly amazing when it all comes together, as you can see in the video. All the pictures and information from the video are all real. GCMT would be a great program for any child and parent to be involved in.

Our family has been involved in theatre for over four years including 9 productions. Five of the shows my boys have done have been through John Bisceglie productions. John’s productions are high quality from costumes to sets to production. Having high expectations set for our boys have taught them to respect the theatre, how to perform to their potential & to get the most from the entire experience! As parent I have really enjoyed working with John and crew! Friends & Family LOVE the shows!

John Bisceglie is definitely a great director along with having the skills to sing and dance! I was lucky to be in his plays for so many years and grow up with his encouragement and great teachings. I would absolutely put my kids in Gilroy Children’s Musical Theater because I know for a fact they would become great stars and gain a lot of self-confidence! Do it! It’s something you would want your kids to do sometime in their life!

GCMT is a wonderful experience for your kids, even if they want to grow up to be doctors and lawyers. The kids learn to work together, learn how to focus, and gain confidence. Being a part of theatre is true team-work, and it’s so important to give your kids this time to be creative. This ain’t your grandma’s school play, this is Bisceglie’s production and you have got to get involved. You must get your kids into this now!!! John Bisceglie is a creative, kind, energetic, visionary! He somehow is able to produce and direct a large cast of kids into a show that runs smoothly and entertains everyone. He really is a special person, you want to get connected with! He gives everyone and every detail of the production his complete dedication and focus. If the show has a lot of people, you will still get individual attention! Plus the shows are SO fun!!!

I’ve worked with John Bisceglie, in the past since my age was in the single digits all the way through high school. I’m now 23 and I fondly remember those years as some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Some of the people I worked with were among the most talented individuals I’ve ever seen, and they developed much of it through their performances. Everything stated in this video is true. John Bisceglie is a really funny guy, and he definitely knows talent when he sees it.

John Bisceglie is amazing! I was lucky enough to act, sing and dance under his direction for a decade. His personality is absolutely inspiring, and his work with children is like no other; I have watched him meet kids at Auditions who are so shy and scared, and within 8 weeks, that shy kid is proudly singing the opening number of the show. Delightful! John is extremely positive and amazingly patient. The children of San Francisco are in for a treat with John at the helm!

Four years ago, by chance I came across a flier for auditions to one of John’s musicals. That was my lucky day because without knowing it, I enrolled my then 5 year old daughter into the “BEST” theater program around. The positive characteristics that my child has gained are numerous & the wonderful experiences are priceless; not to mention the joy & friendships the whole family has experienced along the way. I strongly advise anyone who loves to dance, sing or act to join. You won’t regret it!

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